EDEN in Paris

A workshop on dark energy


Wednesday 7th December: Observations 

8:30-9:00          Registration, accompanied by coffee & croissants

Morning: Review session on observational evidence for dark energy
Chair:  Pedro Ferreira

9:00 - 9:45         Reynald Pain                 Constraints on Dark Energy from Supernovae
9:45-10:00             discussion

10:00-10:45       Rachel Bean                  Combined cosmological constraints on Dark Energy
10:45-11:00           discussion

11:00-11:30          coffee break

11:30-12:15       Alain Blanchard             Do we really need Dark Energy ?
12:15-12:30           discussion

                                                 LUNCH BREAK

Afternoon: Short talks from participants on observational constraints on dark energy

Chair:  Luca Amendola

14:00-14:20       R. Trotta                            Future observational prospects for dark energy 
14:25-14:45       M. Kunz                            Model selection and the equation of state of the dark energy
14:50-15:10       C. Bonvin                          Fluctuations of the luminosity distance
15:15-15:35       D. Sapone                          Cosmological observations through baryonic oscillations on the power spectrum

15:40 -16:20        coffee break

Chair:  Martin Bucher
16:20-16:40       C. Schimd                          Combining CMB, SNIa and weak lensing to study quintessence models
16:45-17:05       V. Acquaviva                     CMB lensing for dark energy                                           
17:10-17:30       T. Giannantonio                 Integrated Sachs-Wolfe Effect & Dark Energy 
17:35-17:55       R. Mainini                          Dark Matter-baryon segregation in the non-linear evolution of coupled Dark Energy models 

Thursday 8th December : Theory

Morning: Review session on theoretical understanding of  dark energy
Chair:  Gabriele Veneziano

9:00 - 9:45         Christof Wetterich          Scalar field/quintessence models for Dark Energy
9:45-10:00              discussion

10:00-10:45       Kayuza Koyama                 Large distance modification of gravity and Dark Energy
10:45-11:00            discussion

11:00-11:30          coffee break

11:30-12:15        Jaume Garriga               Landscape, anthropic arguments and Dark Energy
12:15-12:30            discussion

                                               LUNCH BREAK

Afternoon: Short talks from participants on theoretical work on dark energy

Chair: Pierre Fayet

14:00-14:20       B. Gripaois                      Modified Gravity via Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
                                                                   (see JHEP 0410:069 (2004))
14:25-14:45       D. Easson                        Can modified gravity describe the accelerating Universe?
14:50-15:10       E. Chachoua                    Solid Dark Energy models
15:15-15:35       M. Bruni                          Dark energy from a quadratic equation of state
15:40 -16:00       coffee break

Chair:  David Langlois
16:00-16:20       A. Gruppuso                    General Relativistic Tests for Dark Energy
16:25-16:45       J. Martin                          Coupling quintessence to inflation in supergravity 
16:50-17:10       D. Blais                           Transient Accelerated Expansion and Double Quintessence 

Friday 9th December : Future observational projects

This day will be dedicated to a presentation of some of the currently planned major observational
programs which aim to constrain dark energy. The objective will be to give both an overview of what
is in the pipeline for those not involved in such projects (including theorists) and to stimulate a discussion
on other possibilities, notably with respect to their capacity to constrain the different currently explored
theoretical ideas about dark energy.

Ground Based Wide Field Imaging
Chair:  Yannick Mellier

9:00 - 9:20              Julien Guy                     SNLS first results
9:20 - 9:40              Liping Fu                      Weak shear in CFHTLS
9:40-10:00              Rick Kessler                  SLOAN/Sn
10:00- 10:15              discussion

Chair:  Pierre Astier
10:15-10:40            Herve Aussel                 PanStarrs
10:45-11:10            Jochen Weller                Dark Energy Survey

11:15-11:45               coffee break

11:45-12:10            Alan Heavens                 Darkcam
12:15-12:40            Kirk Gilmore                  Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

                                             LUNCH BREAK

Baryon Oscillations
Chair:  Michael Joyce

14:15-15:00            Daniel Eisenstein             Baryons oscillations as a probe of Dark Energy : prospects for the future
15:00-15:30            David Parkinson              WFMOS
15:30-15:45               discussion

15:45-16:15               coffee break

Space Projects
Chair: Reynald Pain

16:15-16:40            Alexandre Refregier          DUNE: the Dark UNiverse Explorer
16:45-17:10            Alex Kim                           SNAP

17:15-18:15            General discussion, moderated by Daniel Eisenstein and Yannick Mellier

On the morning of Saturday 10th December there will be a meeting for participants involved
in the EDU RTN submission (coordinated by Luca Amendola).