EDEN in Paris

A workshop of the

European Dark Energy Network

7th-9th December 2005
LPNHE, Paris, France


(photograph by F. Derue)

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The European Dark Energy Network is a Europe-wide network of theoretical and experimental researchers working on one of the major puzzles in contemporary physics: the nature of the "dark energy" responsible for the acceleration in the rate of expansion of the universe indicated by many different observations in cosmology.

This workshop will review the current observational constraints on dark energy as well as the range of theoretical proposals which attempt to explain it. A full day will be dedicated to the discussion of possible future observational strategies for constraining dark energy (supernovae, weak lensing, baryon oscillations...)

The meeting will take place at Jussieu, in central Paris.

Review Speakers:

C. Wetterich (Heidelberg), R. Maartens (Portsmouth), R. Pain (Paris), R. Bean (Cornell), D. Eisenstein (Arizona), A. Blanchard (Toulouse), J. Garriga (Barcelona)

  Scientific Organising Committee

Luca Amendola (Rome), Pierre Astier (LPNHE, Paris), Cedric Deffayet (APC Tolbiac, Paris), Pierre Fayet (ENS, Paris), Pedro Ferreira (Oxford), Michael Joyce (LPNHE, Paris), Yannick Mellier (IAP, Paris), Gabriele Veneziano (College de France)

  Local Organising Committee

  Pierre Astier (LPNHE, Paris), Isabelle Cossin (LPNHE, Paris), Michael Joyce (LPNHE, Paris), Marie-Christine Levy-Noel (LPTHE, Paris), Emilie Nicolleau (LPNHE, Paris)

  Co-sponsored by

  Federation de Recherche "Interactions Fondamentales"


  Astroparticule et Cosmologie, Tolbiac

URL: http://edeninparis.in2p3.fr/

Contact Details:

Eden in Paris Workshop  
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tel 33 (0)1 44 27 72 52; fax 33 (0)1 44 27 46 38 
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